Semente’s day camps are aimed at children from all kinds of backgrounds. Our absolute priority, as usual, is to foster the usage of our language among the children, as well as to offer a space where Galician, as a vehicular language, is used for both activities and interpersonal communications.

In a society where preconceived ideas -regarding race, culture, and language– are common, we aim to become a model of linguistic normalization and normality, working to foster the use of Galician not only in informal contexts but also in areas where every language is used: technology, science, cultural development or as a means to build social relationships.

We offer 4 camps every year: Winter camp (in December and January), Carnival Camp, Spring Camp, and Summer camp.

Camps are targeted to children 3 to 12, mornings only. All camps have as core values the conservation, transmission, and learning of Galician and Galician culture. For this reason, we promote different activities: recovering traditional games, cultural tours, encouragement to reading, hiking, music and art expression, traditional rhythms, etc

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