Our kindergarten

A school that listens to your child, accompanies and motivates them. Where they are the center of learning, learning for our day to day through respect and acceptance, from conversations and encounters. An active school that is aware of where it is, where we all have a place as part of a neighborhood, a town, and a community. A school where self-knowledge is the key to being able to respect each other (ourselves and others). A school where personal autonomy is a pillar in order to grow in freedom. Growing in freedom and in nature, observing and working with our environment, in the backyard or in the mountains, with rivers or mud puddles. A school where our language, our traditions, our music… ours, are in the classroom every day, filling all the learning with meaning.
A school that was born to change things: the first of them, that our children do not lose their language when they enter the school. A school that is really an educational community. You can be a part of it!