We want Semente Compostela to be more than just a school and, for that matter, there is an activities committee in charge of organizing events, festivals,meals, concerts, etc. to promote the visualization of our culture and to promote the use of our language outside the walls of our school.

Semente’s pedagogical project includes the recovery of the traditional festive calendar. These traditional festivals are an expression of deep culture that allows us to keep our roots alive .

Semente Compostela proposes to revitalize these festivities with a series of recovery and dynamization events open to the entire citizenship of Compostela.

In recent years, we have organised a series of traditional festivities in public spaces in Compostela, with the participation of a family audience that is increasing with each edition.


May Celebrations

The Summer Solstice

“Samaim” and “Magusto”

The Apalpador Parade

Other types of events are also part of this committee and they aim promote interaction between the Semente community and other entities, as well as raising awareness of the values we want to convey and achieve not only as a school, but also in our society in general.


Workshops and activities

Winter Fair


Semente Woodland

We have various materials that are produced at Semente and sell at different events and locations. We also participate in the production of various audiovisual materials, which serve both to promote our activities and transmit our knowledge. We also carry out other types of activities, such as dinners, celebrations and the production of various materials for sale